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Privacy Policy

This is where you can find my privacy policy and how I deal with contact information.

Anti-Spam Policy

I will never send emails that you unsolicited emails and I will never share your email address with any other organisation. 

Copyright Notice

This details my ownership of the content on this website including images, videos, reports and resources.

Social Media Disclaimer

Just like every other person, business or organisation. I have no direct control over the social media platforms this website is connected to.

Terms & Conditions

The is the agreement we have when you use this website and download our free resources.

DMCA Compliance

This mainly an American requirement for website owners and it is all about protecting the intellectual property of website owners.

FTC Compliance

Occasionally on this website, I use affiliate links where I earn a commission should you buy the product/service. However, you will not pay more than if you go directly to the website. It helps us finance the free resources.

Earnings Disclaimer

This document outlines that if we recommend an income-generating service we cannot guarantee you will earn the same as us or other owners of the service.

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