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Our FREE E-Book, How to Rank in Google’s 3-Pack, is your golden ticket to drive an influx of eager buyers straight to your website. Perfect for businesses of all sizes and sectors, this resource will skyrocket your online visibility within your local sphere.

But this E-Book isn’t just for beginners! Even seasoned SEO professionals will find value in our expertly crafted insights and recommendations. Break down the complexities of search engine optimisation with our easily digestible and user-friendly approach, a trademark that has made our business E-books beloved by many.

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A Free E-Book On How To Get Your Business In Google 3 Pack Rankings

This 20-page, 5,465-word E-book covers the following:

  • Claim Your Google Business Profile Listing
  • Verify Your Google Business Profile As Soon As Possible
  • Create Listings for Different Departments
  • Optimise Your Google Business Profile Listing
  • Research the Right Keywords to Use
  • Use Keywords in the Name of Your Listing
  • Keep Your NAP Consistent
  • Use a Local Phone Number
  • Add Local Business Schema Markup
  • Optimise Your Website Pages
  • Get More Reviews for Your Business
  • Get More Reviews on Facebook, Too
  • Get More Citations
  • Claim Your Listings
  • Collect Backlinks
  • Create Content that is Relevant to Your Location
  • Check to Determine if Your Business is Outside of a Major City
  • Have a Strong Presence on Social Media
  • Make Sure Your Website is Secure
  • Verify Your Page Speed
  • Create Posts in Google Business Profile Listing
  • Include Photos in Your Listing
  • Answer Every Question as Quickly as Possible
  • Monitor and Review Your Listing Regularly
  • Use the Google Map on Your Website
  • Regularly Check Your Ranking
  • Keep Up to Date with Algorithm Changes


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