Standing Out Among Your Competitors

“My customers appreciate the excellent quality, service, and attention to detail that I provide. If only more people were aware of my existence…but my industry is so competitive that it’s impossible to stand out.”

This is the most common issue I hear from business owners. It’s also been a challenge for me.

So let’s get right into it. If you’re wondering how to get more eyes on your business, I’m

sharing my best ideas in this post – 7 Ways Of Standing Out Among Your Competitors, so you can stand out in a sea of sameness.

Standing Out Among Your Competitors No.1 – Surprise & Delight

So many businesses claim to provide the best service. When you ask them how they can improve, they list things like “delivering on time” or “delivering quality work.” Personally, I consider these to be standard operating procedures; I expect them.

When you have a surprisingly good or surprisingly bad customer service experience, you are more likely to remember it. However, mediocre service is unlikely to stick with you long enough for you to tell anyone about it.

Businesses that stand out are those that make you feel like your satisfaction is always their top priority. They actively seek ways to go above and beyond, turning challenges or mistakes into opportunities to delight.

Don’t settle for mediocrity. If you want to be memorable, go above and beyond—every time. Would someone tell their friends about your customer service experience?  Use that as a general rule.

Standing Out Among Your Competitors No.2 – Make a Name for Yourself

Have you ever heard the expression “the riches are in the niches”? It’s much easier to stand out and become known for one, very specific thing than it is to try to sell everything to everyone. Your competitors are fewer in a niche market, your marketing pounds can be spent more strategically, and you can often charge more because you’re a specialist in your niche.

Are you the best pet photographer in town? Do you make an awesome vegan pizza? Focus, claim and own it.

Ask Your Customers Questions About The Products And Services They Want
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Standing Out Among Your Competitors No.3 – Be Noticeably Different

It is our responsibility as business owners to be able to confidently tell potential customers why we are worth their time and money. When there is nothing distinctive or distinguishing about your products, services, or brand, price becomes the only variable. And, if the only differentiating factor is price, we become magnets for bargain hunters looking for the best bang for their buck.

Stand out by identifying areas where you can provide value that your competitors cannot, or by addressing customer pain points that your competitors are not. When you look deeper, you’ll discover that there are far more opportunities to stand out than you realise.

Standing Out Among Your Competitors No.4 – Take Customer Feedback Seriously & Apply It

We too often assume what our customers want and need instead of asking them.

Collecting customer feedback can help you identify potential product and service offerings that your customers want but that you aren’t yet providing.

It can also assist you in determining where your customers are confused or require additional assistance. Feedback also provides insight into the words and phrases your customers are using to describe their problems, which will help you assist them.

You’ll be able to truly get to know your customers and how you can better serve them if you survey them. If you follow their advice, you’ll be able to understand what they consider to be exceptional customer service, must-have products, clear marketing, and much more.

Give Your Customers/Clients The Impression You Really Care
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Standing Out Among Your Competitors No.5 – Give the Impression You Care

Your brand’s visual appearance is your customer’s first impression of your company and sets the tone for all subsequent interactions with you. You want them to say to themself –  ‘Wow! I’d love to work with this brand,’ not ‘If this is how their website looks, how will the quality of their work or service be?’

If your website, logo, or marketing materials are sloppy, it sends a message to your customers that you don’t value your brand enough to invest in it. Even if you’re just starting out or don’t have a lot of money to spend, there are designers to suit every budget and business type.

Make your brand stand out by ensuring that it appears polished, professional, and trustworthy at all touchpoints.

Standing Out Among Your Competitors No.6 – Give (and Receive) 

Building trust with your target audience takes time and, in many cases, multiple interactions. Asking someone for a sale is the business equivalent of asking for their hand in marriage, and shotgun weddings are relatively rare.

If the ‘marriage proposal’ fails, ask them out on a date instead—consider offering a free trial, sample, information (blogs, videos, PDFs), or a free initial consultation to reduce risk perceptions, create goodwill, and build your relationship.

When we give generously to potential customers, we break down barriers, attract people to our business, assist our customers in getting to know us, build trust, and foster reciprocity.

Standing Out Among Your Competitors No.7 – Reward loyal customers

“Repeat buyers generate the same revenue as five new customers combined and are nine times more likely to convert,” says the study. (Autopilot).

Yes, existing customers are just as important and valuable to impress as new ones (if not more). Consider differentiating yourself from the competition by rewarding their loyalty with discounts, incentives, exclusive deals, affiliate programmes, or referrer bonuses.

Your company’s success is directly related to the customers who patronise it. Treat them like royalty and create new ways to wow them in order to stand out in your industry.

Frequently Asked Questions About Standing Out Among Your Competitors

Frequently Asked Questions On How You Can Stand Out From Your Competitors
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How can I stand out from my competitors?

Know more about what motivates your clients/customers to make a purchasing decision than your competitors making sure you fully meet their needs.

How can I differentiate myself from my competitors?

Be memorable. Be remarkable. Be unforgettable.

How can I be different?

Be different. Be unique. Be you.

How can I be memorable?

Come up with surprises for your customers on occasions like Halloween, Christmas, New Year or Easter. It gives them a feeling of being taken care of. If surprises are given on every special occasion then there are chances that they end up waiting for them throughout the year. It is going to help you create a loyal clientele.

How can I be different in my Niche?

Your beliefs and your values can create a platform to explain what you do differently from your competitors, as well as the greater results that you are able to produce by possessing those beliefs and values.

How can I stand out from my competition?

Have a strong online presence with a well-designed website with clear calls to action, and be active on the relevant social media channels for your business.

How can I be unforgettable?

Make sure your branding is professionally designed and clearly stands out from your competitors.

How can I keep customers/clients keep coming back for more?

Do you offer better incentives than your competitors for repeat purchases? Don’t forget you can offer loyalty discounts or additional offers to encourage repeat business. Keep in regular contact with your customers/clients through email marketing

How can I be better than my competitors?

Make sure your business processes make it very easy for customers/clients to do business with you. Look at what your competitors do and improve upon it.

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