Here Are 7 Pro & Proven Ways to Easily Increase Sales Online

In this post, we are looking at seven different ways how to increase sales online.

It’s well known that businesses need customers in order to generate revenue and profits.

And to survive in this competitive post-pandemic market, you need to maximise your conversion rate in order to get the absolute most out of your marketing efforts.

If you’re not able to convert leads into paying customers, it’s time to work on improving your conversion rate.

Here are 7 tips you can start with:

1.   Make your web forms easy to complete.  

According to a report published by, at least 68% of users leave the forms without completing them.

Why is this?

People are lazy. The shorter your forms are, the fewer informational fields they need to fill out – the higher your conversions will typically be.

Whether it’s for a custom quote or an opt-in for a lead magnet you should keep your forms as short and easy to complete as possible.

Less is definitely more, and if they decide to move forward with your products/services you can always request more information from them once they’ve sent a deposit 😊

How To Increase Sales Online Using Chatbots
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2.   Add a chatbot

 According to research, it takes one bad experience for a customer to turn your competitors.

Do visitors to your website ask the same questions over and over again? Live chatbots can interact with your customers 24-7 and guide them to the next steps and answer their general questions without a live human to help them.  

Chatbots can help you provide a better customer experience whether they need basic information such as providing them with your contact information, hours of operation, location information, even checking availability and booking appointments – all without the need for a human.

With a chatbot, you can provide helpful support to your visitors and make the journey from visitor to customer easier than ever.

3.   Perform A/B testing

 A/B testing also called split testing, is a method in which you test the two different versions of colour, shape, size, placement, and format of elements to know what’s working best for your audience.

You can experiment with different elements at different stages and determine the best one. For example, you could create two copies of a page and test each one on a different group of visitors to find out which performs better.

Experiment with button colours, shape, size, and placement to achieve the best results as well as optimise your content based on your customer avatar.


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4.   High converting lead magnets

It is important to educate and nurture your customers about your company, industry, products or services. A well-constructed lead magnet can help you nurture your leads and guide them to taking the next step in your sales funnel, such as booking a consultation or getting a free quote.

Lead magnets are a powerful tool to convince your customer that they have found the solution they are looking for with your business. So, make sure you are creating a first good impression and your lead magnet is designed to encourage users into taking action (sign up to your newsletter, buy a product, visit your physical business location or schedule a call).

5.   Improve your website speed

Your visitors can choose to not do business with you. They already have too many options so if your website takes longer than expected to load, they may turn to your competitor’s website.

A slow-loading website is the most common reason for users to click on the back button before they’ve even been to your website!  Make sure your website loads quickly. You can use Google’s page to check your site speed for both mobile and desktop; if the score for either of one is below 90, you need to work on speeding it up.


How To Sell More Online By Using Pop Ups Carefully And Showing More Social Proof
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6.   Use pop-ups carefully

Pop-ups are a great way to capture your visitor’s information before they leave your website but don’t be too pushy. Pop-ups are very effective but you need to be smart about where and when you use them.

You should also make sure that your website visitors have a clearly visible option to exit the pop-up if they aren’t interested in it. And once users skip it, they should not see it repeatedly on your site’s next pages.

7.   Show more social proof

User-generated content such as videos, testimonials, recommendations, and reviews are the best way to increase your audience’s trust in your business.

Social proof is an excellent way to encourage users to do business with you because it works very similarly to how a recommendation would work.

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Conclusion For How To Increase Sales Online

There you have it. 7 helpful ideas you can use right away to start on improving your online conversions and increasing your sales online

I hope you found these tips on how to increase sales online helpful and ready to implement them on your website and future marketing campaigns.

With a little effort, you can make a big difference in your website’s conversion goals.

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