As small business owners, we tend to wear a lot of hats throughout the day. However, one of the most neglected hats tends to be the Social Media Manager hat.

That is not surprising. Running our businesses takes hard work, time, and energy.. You may not want to work on coming up with new ideas for social media posts when you have more important things to worry about.

However, if you are looking for tested post ideas to engage your Facebook or Instagram audiences, you have come to the right place.

Here are 10 Facebook post ideas that will increase engagement on your business page which I know work. You can also use these Facebook  post ideas on your Instagram account, f you have one..

Facebook Post Ideas 1 – Famous Quotes

 Quotes are a great way to engage people on social media and particularly on Facebook or Instagram.. You can use quotes from influential people or other people for your business (in-house or customers). While you can create your quotes with a photo editor, you can also use websites such as Canva, which has templates options for quotes that can easily be downloaded and shared on social media.

The First Example Of A Famous Quote Image Post
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The Second Example Of A Famous Quote Image Post
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The Third Example Of A Famous Quote Image Post
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The Fourth Example Of A Famous Quote Image Post
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The Fifth Example Of A Famous Quote Image Post
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The Sixth Example Of A Famous Quote Image Post
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Facebook Post Idea 2- User-Generated Content

 Proactively posting user-generated content (UGC) is a great way for your audience to learn how to use your product and service. UGC can be photos, videos, reviews, and more. Content created by users is always great. Social media users trust the opinions of their peers more than that of brands. Best of all user-generated content is free!

Facebook Post Idea 3 – Live Video

Posting live videos can be a great way to get engagement. The average organic reach of a Facebook live video is six times higher than that of a regular post. This makes sense, because it’s the closest alternative to actually watching TV.

Live streaming allows businesses to connect with customers in a more personal way. When potential customers attend your live sessions, it’s almost as if you’re inviting them to your business to get to know them and unlike a real conference hall, where just a few people can sit in the front row, live streaming allows anyone to sit in the front row.

Facebook Post Idea 4 – Memes and GIFs

We all love a good meme or GIF, and these are great ways of bringing humour into your social media marketing. If a meme has gone viral recently, you can use it in a post if it’s relevant to your brand. You’ll join the conversation and enjoy what everyone’s talking about — which can go viral too!

One Of My Meme Facebook Post Ideas

The Text – ‘Our mind wanders into imagination for no apparent reason in the most random times when creating social media posts’.

An Example Of A Social Media Meme Post
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Facebook Post Idea 6 – Educational Guides

Educational guides and how-tos are a great Facebook post ideas to boost engagement on Facebook and also Instagram. They build trust between your company and your followers, but they also provide helpful information in a format that’s easy to consume.

 You can create educational guides and how-to posts for any topic that aligns with your brand.

For example, if you run a bookkeeping service Facebook post ideas could include writing about how to calculate the total value of inventory assets or how to manage the accounts payable process.

If you sell fitness equipment, Facebook post ideas could include writing about performing joint exercises using your products or share tips for achieving specific fitness goals.

Below is one of my infographics Facebook post ideas educating my website visitors on how to get more website conversions entitled, ‘5 More Ways To Boost Your Conversion Right Now’

An Infographic Entitled 5 Ways You Can Boost Your Conversion Rates
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Facebook Post Idea 7 – Contests and Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are very effective ways to boost engagement on social media. And there are no rules that say you have to give away something expensive. Your goal is to engage them with your brand, so be creative with your contests.

Encourage the people who enter your contest to share it with their friends and family. This will help promote your business and reach more people interested in joining the contest who may have never heard of your business.

Facebook Post Idea 8 – Questions To Your Customers and Followers

Curious about what your followers want? Ask them! Encourage people to ask questions about your products, brand, or even how their day is going. This is an easy way to get insight into what people think about your business and what they want to see more of.

This post type is also great for generating engagement because it’s so simple to participate in. Creating a quiz is also a great way to boost engagement because people love the opportunity to post their opinions on just about anything!

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Facebook Post Idea 10 – How-To-Videos

For example, how to use a cooking tool or garden tool

Post video tutorials of how to do just about anything. Even if the skill is something your followers already know how to do, they may be interested in learning a new approach or technique.

Not sure which skills would be interesting? Ask your audience what they’d like to learn how to do. It’s a wonderful way to start a conversation and find out more about their needs.

Final Thoughts

The key to creating great content is to be consistent. The goal is to develop a community around your brand while creating a personal connection with your audience.

By creating engaging, genuine content on Facebook and Instagram, you can build a community of customers genuinely interested in what your business offers. 

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